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Our Staff

Our managers, Sue and Jo, are both qualified teachers with a background in Infant School education. They have been at Hollytree since February 2012. Our Deputy, Stacey,  has also had experience in an Infant School environment. She joined Hollytree in November 2012.
Hannah joined the team firstly as a volunteer and then as a member of staff in 2021. She is currently studying for her Level 3 qualification. Rosie came to Hollytree in January 2023, she has recently achieved her Level 4 qualification. Together we make up an experienced and dedicated team who value the needs of every child.

Mrs Sue Willcock

Manager, Bachelor of Education

Mrs Jo Goldspink

Manager, Bachelor of Education

Mrs Stacey Yeates

Deputy Manager, Level 3

Mrs Rosie Bowditch-White

Preschool Assistant, Level 4

Mrs Hannah Edger

Preschool Assistant

Daily Staffing


Jo, Sue, Stacey, Rosie


Sue, Stacey, Hannah, Rosie


Sue, Jo, Stacey, Rosie


Jo, Stacey, Rosie, Hannah


Sue, Jo, Hannah

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